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Thank you for your interest in the Builder’s Refuge. We serve the professional building community by providing a dedicated, quality space for builders to exercise their creativity, make production builds, and show them to their clients.

Given the amount of resources dedicated to our members… our community is invite-only. However, you are welcome to apply as we embrace diversity and are always looking for new perspectives. If this server interests you, please fill out the form, and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

There are no obligations once you are a member. We’re pretty chill like that.

  • What Is Your Server About?

    Simply put, we cater to builders who are talented and serious about making art. To explain, most professional builders have access to their own server, while many lack access to a server but still wish to be prolific. The latter individual is usually forced to build on a public creative server where they may not have a full range of resources at their disposal. When the concept of Builder’s Refuge was born, it was to address a group of friends who did not have a place of their own to build without compromises when we realized it was a common need.

  • Does It Cost Anything To Join?

    No. Everything provided at Builder’s Refuge is free of charge to its members.

  • Are You A Build Team?

    No. We are simply a community of builders.

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